Digital Relay Protections

The specialists of Inspection body of type "C"  of " EL-TEST " have extensive experience with relay protections. Work on a relay protection includes both setup and testing, and the hard part - configuration. Our specialists have successfully completed a number of courses and trainings for the world's leading manufacturers of digital relay protection - ABB, Siemens, Areva, Schneider electric, etc..

Based on the knowledge of our experts trained to relay protection of external organizations.
Of course, making a qualitative and successful work is needed in addition to trained professionals, the organization has the appropriate software and hardware level. Inspection body of type "C" of "EL-TEST" has licensed software for working with digital relay protection of the above companies, respectively:PCM600 for IED АBB 670

  • SFT2841 for IED Schneider electric
    MiCOM S1 Studio for IED Schneider electric MICOM
    DIGSI4 for IED Siemens Siprotec 4
    Софтуери for SYMAP
    Smart view for IED Woodward

Inspection body of type "C" to" EL-TEST " has equipment of the highest class for relay protections testing:
1. System for relay protections secondary testing - Omicron CMC 356

Omicron CMC356 xhi

2. System for relay protections secondary testing. Freja 306


Both systems are universal, ie there to may be tested in all kinds of protective functions of a relay protection. They have 6 pieces and 4 pieces of electric voltage channels and built-in timer, which allows for testing differential, distance, current, voltage, frequency, etc. functions. Device error is less than 0.05%, which ensures greater accuracy in testing. The systems have valid calibration certificates issued by laboratories covering standard EN 17025.

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