As a member of the Chamber of Builders, "EL - TEST " started to implement comprehensive building contracts including design, construction and building for investor ready for operation.

 The tech buildings are build using three-layer panels with mineral wool (to meet the requirements for fire resistance). Inside, the walls and ceilings are covered with fire-resistant gypsum board, as between him and the panel is fitted the wireing.

 We provide:

  • Design of monolithic buildings and prefabricated buildings of metal structures and three-layer wall and roof panels;
  • Construction of bases, foundations, columns, slabs, roofs;
  • Manufacture of metal structures in a factory environment;
  • Installation of steel structures and panels on the facility area;
  • Construction of water supply, pipiwors, sewage and electrical wireing ;
  • Installation of windows (PVC or aluminim) systems;
  • Implementation of plaster, mortar, flooring and finishing.

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