Relay cubicles

 The relay cubicles are steel constructions. The apparatus in them are protected against dust and not-permitted access. They have side panels, ceiling and floor plates adjusted for cable incoming and plugging up the openings after finishing of the cable connections. Different types of relay cubicles are designed and manufactured:

  • Free standing relay panels
  • Relay cabinet

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Control Cubicles

These cubicles are intended for installation in the control rooms on the sites to control the appropriate facilities.
They consist of front panel (front side), side walls, rear door, ceiling and bottom. The cubicles are manufactured from iron sheets with thickness 2mm.

Mimic diagrams are placed on the front side of the cubicles with the location and status of managed devices.

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LV Distribution boards - PRISMA P

shneider prisma pPRISMA P cubicles are metal structures designed for LV distribution systems. Used mainly for AC and DC auxiliary power supply systems of power stations and substations.
PRISMA P cubicles are assembled in the manufacturing department of elements delivered by "Schneider Electric".

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Energy metering Cabinets

EL-TEST Ltd. design precise systems and manufacture energy meter cubicles/cabinets for commercial and control power and energy measurement pursuant to the requirements of IOEEEK (Nastsionalna Elektricheska Compania EAD).
Commercial and/or control power energy meters can be mounted either in cubicles or cabinets, which doors can be sealed. We use standard metal cubicles or manufacture such similar to the relay panels and within on the plates we mount and wire the energy meters, if there is no opportunity for rare access.

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Specific Cubicles and Cabinets

EL-TEST Ltd. is able to design and manufacture customized cubicles, cabinets and mounting plates, when there can't be used standard solutions. Thereby we can offer you the best solution that fits best on any object , mounting area, device layouts, direction of the cables or other concerns.

The cubicles are assembled in our assembly workshop. The support structures are made of metal sheets with 2 mm thickness. The number of the doors, the locks and other attributes are according the customer needs.

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