SCADA - systems and Automation

Experts in Inspection body of type "C" to "EL-TEST" have considerable experience in the construction, configuration, setup SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems or SAUP and automation in general. They have certification level B1 for sale and implementation of projects ABB RTU 560.

scada1RTU 560 company ABB is an innovative device for automated control and monitoring equipment , processes , etc. . in substations , power plants , factories , etc. Built on modern controllers , it is composed of a flexible, modular hardware concept including improved opportunities for communication with various devices needed to manage processes such as IED (Intelligent Electronic Device), devices for monitoring the parameters of certain processes ( current, voltage , frequency , power factor , etc.) , communication with various systems and programs for remote control management , etc.

scada2ABB RTU 560 contains high functionality as an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) for monitoring and control, configurability and performance of complex PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) functions, the archiving and printing details of events and processes. ABB RTU 560 has high reliability, and the ability to reserve the device as a whole or communication lines, depending on the requirements and objectives of the client.
Great advantage and convenience in building this type of system is detailed and easy to view a list of events and / or alarms.

scada-event scada-alarm

In the pictures below you can see part of the screen menus and windows made of the respective objects.

scada3 scada4
scada5 scada6

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