LV Distribution boards - PRISMA P

shneider prisma pPRISMA P cubicles are metal structures designed for LV distribution systems. Used mainly for AC and DC auxiliary power supply systems of power stations and substations.
PRISMA P cubicles are assembled in the manufacturing department of elements delivered by "Schneider Electric".

The metal structures are fully prepared and painted by the manufacturer. They are supplied to comply with the design based on customer's requirements. The cubicles can be manufactured with varying degrees of protection - from IP22 to IP55.
The implementation of all forms is available, including Form 4 for safe access to equipment, to ensure the work safety of the maintenance personnel during operation.
The breakers mounted inside the cubicles can be fixed or drawable upon customer's requirements.
The cubicles doors can be equipped with security locks. The doors allow opening at 180 degrees. Metering devices can be mounted on the front side.
The busbar systems are implemented with copper busbar with appropriate cross-section. The deviations from the main busbar to the respective switches are implemented with flexible insulated busbar.
The cubicles are manufactured in sections divided according to the functions and transport issues.
The sections are assembled on site by employees of EL- TEST Ltd.

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