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The Inspection body of type "C" is an independent unit to the company " EL- TEST" Ltd and operates in accordance with the requirements stipulated by EN ISO / IEC 17020 . Accredited of Executive Agency " Bulgarian Accreditation Service " with the accreditation certificate Reg . No.128 valid until 07/30/2016 , according BS EN ISO / IEC 17020 : 2012 .

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Commissioning of:

1. Electrical installation and equipment up to and over 1000V


  • resistance of protecive earthing systems
  • insulation resistance
  • resistance of lightning protective earthing systems
  • power frequency withstand tests
  • transition resistanece in contact systems

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Specialized equipment




Controlled area and controlled parameter

Omicron CPC 100

Omicron CPC 100

System for primary testing of high-voltage equipment. In combination with other modules it is suitable for:

  • Commissioning in power plants and substations
  • Power transformer testing
  • Instrument transformers testing
  • Winding resistance and contact resistance measurement
  • Polarity check
  • Relay protection primary and secondary testing

Contact resistance of contact systems in electrical installations for up and over 1000V;

  • Transformers for voltage up to 35kV including:
  • Transformation ratio
  • Three phase transformers winding connections and polarity check of single phase transformers
  • Withstand test
  • Resistance
  • Relay protections, automation , telemechanics and secondary connections:
  • Winding resistance
  • Inspection of  relay protection settings ( AC or DC current , AC or DC voltage, pick up time, impedance)
  • Device testing for correct, incorrect or fault operation

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