Primary connection (power circuits)

The Department is responsible for designing of UH – , HV – , MV – and LV – systems. The designs are in accordance with regulation of Bulgarian (BDS EN) and International (IEC) standards. The drawings are mainly worked out with the AutoCAD software and it is possible to be done in 3D - space on request by the customers.

The Department main activities are as follow:

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Secondary wiring unit of department "Designing" is engaged with design of relay protection, automation, control, signaling, metering and overall diagrams for electrical systems with different voltage levels. The designing is graphically realized by specialized softwares EL-CAD and AutoCAD. EL-CAD is specially developed for time-saving and effective designing of the secondary switching diagrams.

Below are given the diagrams and drawings, which are part of the secondary wiring:

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Civil Works

The team of specialists in this unit of the Design department develops complex projects of buildings and facilities for high and low construction.

The complete developments of the supporting structures of the technological equipment include:

  • Static calculations
  • Foundations
  • Construction - construction drawings of foundations for steel bearing structure and gantries
  • Construction drawings of gates and bearing structures implemented as solid or lattice material of hot galvanized steel profiles, joined by welding or bolts
  • Formwork and reinforcement layouts of monolithic constructions.

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Power transmission lines

Established in 2010, in accordance with the company's purpose for realizing of complete design solutions in the energy sector, was created the department for designing of transmission lines.
Complete designs are developed, also and separate design parts for overhead and cable transmission and distribution lines for low, middle and high voltage.

Design parts are composed of:

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